Imran "IR" Rahman presents...
Now You Can Instantly Save Years of Failure, Frustration & Stress along with Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Capital simply by modeling the proven 7 Figure Blueprint™ Business Organization System...
Get The Same Exact Online Business Blueprint Responsible For Generating Over $1,031,691 In Online Sales In Just 36 Days For One Of Our Shopify eCommerce Brands & Instantly Apply It To Your Business

The 7 Figure Blueprint™ is your Secret Shortcut to Rapidly Generating The First Million in your Online Business.
Inside The Blueprint & Profit Training, You'll Discover:
  • Decide, Commit, Pivot — This  simple approach will help you eradicate the “Shiny Object” mentality and enable you to focus your efforts in an agile manner so that dramatically increase your chances of success with your online business,
  • ​The One Page Business Plan This simple 1 page business plan model will give you clarity in the 9 most critical areas of your business in less than an hour so that you can be a 100% confident knowing that you have all your bases fully covered.
  • The Money Machine — The six most important Marketing, Sales, and Fulfillment Business Systems you must setup in your online business if you want to any serious chance of success.
  • Profit & Freedom Systems — These two systems are the foundation that allows you to escape being a Business Operator and instead be a Business Owner so that you can enjoy freedom from running your business day to day.
  • Model My Proven Success — The 7 Figure Blueprint™ shows you exactly how you need to plan and organize your online business "In Just One Day" so that you can be 100% certain of your direction and the path ahead. It’s the same system I used to generate $1,031,691 in Online Sales in just 36 days!
  • And so much more!
Hi, my name is Imran “IR” Rahman.
After many years of working in Information Technology, and running a family retail business, 10 years ago I decided to make a switch and dive head first into Online Marketing and learning how to make money online.

I happened to connect with an up and coming Marketing Guru, and soon found myself at a Digital Marketing Internship where I saw the newly created online business generate 7 Figures in Information Product sales leveraging affiliates and an automated sales funnel.

Needless to say I was instantly hooked and totally amazed at what I was learning, and decided to jump both feet in to find out everything I can about how to successfully market, sell, and generate sales & profits online.

Fast forward to today, I've had the opportunity to work on over 200 Digital Marketing & Online Business Development Projects, helping generate over $9 Million in Online Sales for some of the most well known Online Marketing Gurus.

Being obsessed with wanting to take control of my destiny, along the way I launched business after business to figure out how I can duplicate what I saw happening at my Internship.  To the tune of 28 companies in the last 13 years.

I just kept trying over and over again to see if I could somehow put the pieces of the puzzle together and make sense of it all.  Most of my businesses failed because honestly I made every imaginable mistake in the book.

Fortunately for you, last year I finally cracked the “7 Figure Code” when one of my eCommerce brands generated over $1,031,691 in Online Sales in just 36 days (Using the same exact Blueprint that I am offering to you for FREE today... which I perfected over time as I launched business after business).

So here's the deal: If you're someone who is serious about wanting to generate 7 Figures with your online business, the 7 Figure Blueprint can help you save years of failure, frustration, stress along with hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital.

The 7 Figure Blueprint will methodically guide you from making the decision to getting started, all the way to implementing the Profit and Freedom Systems in your business that will enable you to achieve your first 7 Figures online and truly experience your ultimate lifestyle, wealth and freedom.

Whether you plan to sell physical products, digital products, services, or whatever else.... you can dramatically increase your chances of success by going from "not knowing" to "clearly knowing" exactly what you need to do to build a REAL business that you can even sell one day.

So get your hands on the 7 Figure Blueprint and Online Business Profit Training today before it's no longer available online...
Here's What Industry Leaders Have To Say About Working With IR
“IR is brilliant when it comes to business. He’s been in this world of online marketing for many many years. He just really knows strategy. He knows how to put together campaigns & sales funnels."
Coach Sean Smith
Elite Success Systems
“I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your support. Working with you has been the missing link I needed to properly display my brand to the world and for that I sincerely thank you.”
Maria Matarelli
Formula Ink
“IR worked with me in the past as a hired assassin, chef and creative thinker. I know these don't seem related but that's MY POINT. He is a PROFESSIONAL BAD ASS, that can do almost anything!”
Mike Calhoun
Board of Advisors
"What I love about working with IR is that he truly has a solid understanding of Direct Response Marketing and Online Paid Customer Acquisition. He really has cracked the code selling B2C consistently & successfully online."
Christopher Hamze
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